Deposit $250
Minimum stay 4 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking Outside
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? Yes
Available from 01 Jan 2019
Guests Students, Travellers, Workers

Bedroom with own bathroom downstairs, other bathroom and two more bedrooms along with cooking and living areas are upstairs in our semi-detached townhouse.

Meals as required, though breakfast and lunch are self-prepared. Board may need to be re-negotiated for special food requirements.

Occupants are retired 80 year old Samoan husband and 67 year old Maori wife in full time employment.

Pets: we have two loveable but sometimes naughty pugs and a cat - they live inside our house, and you can ban them from your room.

We live outside of the city with very a good bus service. Bus stops are 7 minutes walk from our home; the bus is a 20 to 40 minute ride to the city centre depending on the time of day one catches the bus.

We would prefer guests from overseas, although we do not exclude New Zealanders.

If you are interested, I will provide a lot more information as well as photos.